The UEBOT Course will enable individuals familiar with EBAE to gain just in time training with the greatest flexibility in scheduling and completion to become proficient in Unified English Braille (UEB).


The course makes use of Browser based learning management system called MOODLE. The course content includes PDF documents, BRF documents, slideshows with audio lectures, integrated quiz questions and automated assignment grading.

The content is designed to work with both low bandwidth and mobile devices. Users will require access to a computer that can load and run the free Perky Duck braille authoring software.

Lessons and Content


Lesson 1 (Week 1)

1.1 Contractions Discontinued and No Sequencing

1.2 Changed Capitalization

1.3 Changed Punctuation

1.4 Standing Alone Rule

Lesson 2 (Week 2)

2.1 Grade 1 Mode

2.2 Abbreviations and Acronyms

2.3 Numbers in Non-Technical Materials

2.4 The Bridging Rule

Lesson 3 (Week 3)

3.1 Changes to Wordsigns and Groupsigns

3.2 Changes to Lower Wordsigns and Lower Groupsigns

3.3 Changes to Initial-Letter Contractions and Final-Letter Contractions

3.4 Changes to Short-Form Words

Lesson 4 (Week 4)

4.1 Typeforms

4.2 General Symbols and Indicators

4.3 Electronic Addresses

4.4 Foreign Words in English Context