Important! Download Perky Duck Version 11.02 at the link directly below. This version is required for this course.

Perky Duck

Registration Information

Length of Class

1 week orientation

4 weeks of content

Pre-Requisite Skills

The course is designed for people proficient in English Braille American Edition. Individuals will be required to take an eligibility test in order to enroll in the course.


The MOOC makes use of a custom designed MOODLE interface. All assignments will be completed using the program Perky Duck, and files will be uploaded for grading and feedback.


The course is designed to be usable with screenreaders. Video and audio content is accompanied by closed captioning. Files are saved as accessible PDF formats with embedded fonts to ensure accurate presentation and files are also saved as brf format.

College and Professional Development Credit

All participants who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion.

10 ACVREP Professional Development credits will be issued upon completion of the course at no additional cost.

Graduate credit available through NIU external programs at additional cost.

Go to https://www.grad.niu.edu/grad/admissions/atlarge/index.shtml and follow the step by step instructions to apply and register as a Graduate Student-at-Large.

Offerings and Availability

Courses begin on the first and end on the last day of each month. Students are expected to log in and complete orientation material prior to the first of the month.