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Reduce the indicators within equations. When reading mathematical expressions, passage indicators are less intrusive than interior indicators.

Refer to: Guidelines for Technical Material, Part 1.7.



Numeric indicators set numeric mode for the remainder of the symbols-sequence.


Avoid division of a number between lines unless considerable space is saved. If division is necessary use the appropriate line continuation indicator and observe the following rules.


When it is necessary to break a long number across lines, place the break in a logical place--at a numeric space, or after a comma which is being used as a separator--not between two digits.


When the division occurs after a separating comma, or between two digits in a number which comprises a large string of digits with no separators, use the one-cell line continuation indicator " at the end of the line.


When the division takes place at a numeric space, use the two-cell line continuation indicator "" at the end of the line.


Since the line continuation indicators do not terminate numeric mode a numeric indicator is not required in the next line.


The following symbols may occur in numeric mode:

  • the ten digits;
  • full stop (period);
  • comma;
  • the ten numeric space-digit symbols;
  • simple numeric fraction line; and
  • the two line continuation indicators.

Refer to: Section 11.3, Technical Material, for the definition of a simple fraction and the use of general fraction indicators.


A space or any symbol not listed in 6.2.1 terminates numeric mode.


When a full stop (period) is followed by a number, it precedes the numeric prefix # unless it is clear that it is a decimal point.

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